Thursday 17 September 2009

Local Capture (RED)

There's not really much to say about this one - it's pretty straightforward, new players seem to easily grasp what it does and how to use it, it's been in the game in pretty much the same state since the very beginning.  The only change from the original is minor; it used to only capture whole faces, but now if it can't capture an entire face (because another player owns some of the vertices) it will still take all the vertices and edges that it can.

The thing that is interesting about Local Capture is that (like Close Gaps and Expand Edges) it works on the basic game mechanics rather than creating some new type of object, so it only really makes sense in the context of Vertex Dispenser.  Some of the abilities could be more or less directly translated to lots of other games, things like "fire a missile that homes in on enemies" or "damage all enemies on the level".  But "capture adjacent faces" is only meaningful because territory is good to acquire and hold onto for various reasons, and faces are units of territory which automatically attack.

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