Monday 18 October 2010

what I've been up to

* I'm now a part-time student. This is partially because I'm moving to a different country from where I'm studying and it'll make things less complicated, and partially to give myself more time to spend making cool stuff. (So I should finally be able to finish Vertex Dispenser!)

* I submitted Vertex Dispenser to the IGF again. I don't feel like I've done a year's worth of work on it since last year, but I have dealt with the main issues that hurt it last time around (i.e. difficulty, lack of a proper tutorial), so I think my chances are better at least. Also, the judging system has been improved, and I think the new system is more favourable to niche games (because they're selected by a jury, rather than by assigning arbitrary numeric scores and taking the average), so who knows? I definitely got something out of entering last year anyway, even though it didn't place.

* Had a couple of my games featured in an exhibition last month: the start show. Pretty cool!

* I've been working on an album of smaller games, each a few minutes long, full of psychedelic sound and colour. I'm taking a "games as rock music" simile and trying to push it as far as it'll go - with hidden tracks, remixes, b-sides, etc.

* Computer has decided to break down again, I guess this was inevitable. So I've bought a shiny new one and am waiting for it to show up.

* Playing a lot of Dominion and Shadows over Camelot.

Wednesday 6 October 2010

list of games

edit: I'm no longer maintaining this list. List of games is at

the purpose of this post is to list all of my released games.
I try to keep it arranged in approximate order of interest.


Vertex Dispenser
available on Steam
"spectacularly clever" - Jim Rossignol

Glitch Tank
fast-paced glitchy action-strategy game for iPad
available on AppStore


unfinished album
includes some of the games below: TSoC, KPSJ, HM, B2010

Exuberant Struggle
Versus game for TIGSource

The Sense of Connectedness
for Masquerade

Knot-Pharmacard Subcondition J
bricolage game for The Games Collective

Hyperabuse Monolith
S.C.U.M. game for The Games Collective

Babeltron 2010
S.C.U.M. game for The Games Collective

Death Lights Dancing
lovecraftian rowing game
for tigsource commonplace book competition

Smestorpod Infestation
based on connecting up networks to power things
no sound, cool mechanics

Glutton Quest
my first game with 3d graphics, kind of interesting but a bit glitchy

Chango: Chaos Penguin
turn based strategy retro mashup
Chaos/Pango mashup for Retro Remakes

7 day roguelike
nethack modification
just trying out a mechanic.

webcam game thing

(not mine)

hey, completeness. except my old BASIC games, which don't seem to run anymore. and maybe some java crap, but nothing important and java can piss off.