Thursday 12 April 2012


Remember my seven-day roguelike?
I've continued to work on it and now here's a more substantial release.
Also ported it to istuff.

ios appstore
windows download
mac download

What's new?
- an ending!
- five different tilesets.
- music.
- 2 new item types.
- 1 new enemy type.
- improved graphics on explosions etc.
- various tweaks and balances.

Ortoslon has done a video playthrough. Somewhat spoilery though! Maybe you should just watch the start?

edit (2012/05/01): updated version. most changes are to the ios version (swipe controls, portrait mode) but there's some minor stuff for everyone.


  1. Found your game through and just wanted to personally thank you for this awesome game, I have been wanting a fast-moving sci-fi roguelike just like this for ages now. It is perfect. If you ever sell an updated PC version of it I can buy through paypal, I will happily pay for it. Thanks very much.

  2. Good job! It's a very nice game.
    Some kind of fullscreen option would be nice though.

    1. Dom: press alt+enter to fullscreen it.


    2. This is a lot of fun, thanks!

  3. Finally got around to playing this! I reviewed a ton of 7DRLs and got burned out, but yours was one I always meant to come back and play because of all the good things I heard. I was not disappointed! Love the tactical movement, and the graphics are perfect. Great work.

    Now to go back to playing...

  4. Played the Mac version. Bought it on iOS. Showed it to someone else, they bought it for iOS.

    It's a winner.

  5. I really enjoyed this game. Thank you very much, it's the best roguelike I have played in many time. Fast, hard but accesible, and tons of fun.

    If I had anything related to iOS platform, I'd buy it to play it anywhere.

  6. The mac version quits unexpectedly on me as soon as it opens

  7. Very elegantly designed, love it, great music and art, awesome. :)

  8. I wish more people knew this game, I want to know what happens in level 26 onwards, but I'm not very good at this game. I hate secrets that are actually secret. I wanna talk about it!

  9. Sadly it doesnt work on my Mac OSX 10.9 :( :(

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  11. Zaga-33 stopped to work after osx upgrade (to 10.9 )

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  13. "Zaga-33 stopped to work after osx upgrade (to 10.9 )" yes plz fix it love the game

  14. I just beat it after 3-4 tries (windows version on Linux). Very good game, I rate it 9/10

    This should be posted on reddit