Wednesday 20 November 2013

i spy variation

Dreamt this game last night. Have only tested it 2-player but it seems like it might work?

Start by playing I Spy as usual. One player is the spy, they pick an object they can see and say "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with C" (or, you know, substitute the first letter in the object's name).

Any other player may guess what the object is. If they guess correctly they get a point and start the next round as the spy. But if they guess wrong, the spy gets a point and the round continues.

Any other player may become the spy and raise the stakes by repeating the description with a new detail - e.g. "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with C that is red" - describing an object they can see (which may turn out to be the same as the original spy's object, or may be different). Guesses are now worth one more point. You can raise the stakes as many times as you like, but each time you must add a new detail while repeating all previous details.

Play as many rounds as you want to I guess?

- There's only one spy at a time; when someone raises the stakes they are now the spy and the previous spy is back to being a regular player.
- I guess there's no reason why you should have to start with a letter? Any detail will do.
- If there's a bunch of similar objects, like a shelf of books, should you have to pick a specific object? That's probably better I think?


  1. Why, then, give a good clue?
    "I spy something blue"
    "I spy something blue that can be kicked"
    "I spy something blue that can be kicked and travels through spacetime at the speed of light"

    1. well, you want people to guess in the hope that they'll guess wrong, so i guess you want clues that sound plausible but are misleading?
      but yeah maybe the scoring doesn't quite work & there should be an incentive for being guessable (but not too much incentive - dixit style?)

    2. maybe all details must eliminate at least one object?

      okay, but maybe i am now ruining it...