Tuesday 3 November 2009


Haven't had much time for working on Vertex Dispenser lately. I was near to a proof of a problem I've been working on for a while, so I've been working hard on that trying to get it out. That done, today I've just been slacking off, but I'll be back to work tomorrow. Vertex Dispenser is in a state where it really needs some dedicated time spent on it to finish it off; I've run out of little things I can do between the work I'm supposed to be doing; so probably I won't get it done until the Christmas break. I've lots of new ideas for games swirling around, but again they'd need a dedicated coding session to get them off the ground. Maybe I should get into making board/card games, so I can cut out the hard work of programming and just get straight into design.

I've entered the IGF, so we'll see what comes of that. There are three hundred entries, some of which I know to be excellent, but most of which I've never heard of. Who knows. Also got around to registering smestorp.com, as I've been meaning to for a while.


  1. I came here browsing from the IGF website - that's a very interesting demo video, I'm looking forward to the completed project! Question - was the music from the video an asset from the actual game, or was it from a third party source? Thanks, and good luck!

  2. Heh, I wasn't sure if anyone would actually go through the whole IGF list and get up to V.

    It's my own music, but it's not in the game. Thanks for the encouragement; hopefully it won't be too much longer until the game's done.