Monday 27 February 2012

Jam and Kart

I've made thirteen games in the last eleven days.

For TIGJamUK6:
- Cube Gallery
- Number Quality
- a physical card game.

For Pirate Kart V:
- Game Title
- Game Title: Lost Levels
- i heard you like videogames
- Ludoname
- Ytilauq Rebnum
- Reverse Passage
- Grand Vampire Chase
- Reverse Passage 2: Mother's Edition
- Gardens of Time: Design Problem Solving
- Multicolour Alien Olympic (two-player)

Obviously some of these will be less interesting than others. Game Title is probably the best place to start if you want to try one of them.
I highly recommend doing game jams. There's really nothing else like sitting down for a couple of hours and having a new game at the end of it.

Note that this isn't even that many. SophieH made 16 this weekend.

(All downloads are Windows only at this point, I'll try to do mac builds of some of them this week.)

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