Thursday 15 March 2012

Vertex Cortex Remix Vortex

Vertex Dispenser is currently available as part of an Indie Royale bundle. So you can pay a variable amount of money for it. Weird!
(I updated the game last week or so with some minor bug-fixes and balance tweaks. Nothing significant.)

But that's old hat. Made that game ages ago.

They asked if I had any bonus content that could be included. Nothing immediately came to mind, but with my head full of game jams I said "tell you what, I'll do a remix for it". So I came up with Vertex Vortex Cortex Remix. It reuses code and aesthetics from Vertex Dispenser, but it behaves completely differently. It's a "figure it out as you go" puzzle/experience/thing in the vein of Knot-Pharmacard Subcondition J and The Sense of Connectedness.

Have a screenshot:

I've also thrown in a level that was cut from the Vertex Dispenser campaign: Boss Fight. It was going to be the final level, so it's fairly hard. Inappropriately hard, in fact - if it had stayed I'd have certainly had to drop the difficulty. I only recommend it if you've completed the campaign and really want an extra challenge.

I haven't played any of the other games in the bundle yet.


  1. I got it! Took some time, but finished it :D

    good game, btw

  2. i was wondering what that link was in my st. paddy's bundle. thx for clearing that up for me. can't wait to try your game(s) out.

  3. I've spent hours trying to solve this thing but to no avail. Maybe my brain's too small :(