Tuesday 5 May 2020

imbroglio - expansion & crash

The update to Imbroglio with new expansion went live. It's crashing the game on launch. This didn't come up at all during testing, sometimes things work differently with Game Center (the API for high scores on iOS) when applications are released, it's annoying but I'm working on it and will figure it out. Sorry everyone!

For now you can just not download the update, but if want to play on an updated copy you can by disabling Game Center (Settings, scroll down to Game Center, slide the green bar in top right to off) and the game doesn't crash, but can't access leaderboards. (If you're running an old version of iOS you might not be able to access IAPs without Game Center active, but on current ones you can.)

Okay thanks for your patience and keep looking after yourselves!


  1. I’m just curious - is there a reason that this expansion is so much more expensive than the last two?

    1. it has way more content and high complexity. 4 new heroes where the other expansions had 2 (& some of these were a LOT of work programming-wise). Draft mode is a substantial addition. all of this will mainly appeal to people who have already played the game a lot, i'm not expecting many new customers from this (anyone who is new: don't start with the expansion it'll be confusing). i've spent a ton of time on this and i am drastically underpaid.

    2. I'd have paid $50 for it; I owe you SO much more than I've paid for all your games.

      In many ways the profile of your audience (including me) is quite the opposite of the mobile market, i.e. tiny, but ridiculously engaged and loyal. I wonder if it would be better served by a Patreon-type setup.

    3. I'm with you in spirit but have to admit a Patreon model could be a bit confusing. If I unsubscribe I'd lose access to all of Michael's games? I also could see a lot more pressure to male much more regular releases if people are paying monthly which might become a pain in the ass.

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  3. Thank you! Just to clarify, I will most certainly be purchasing it - your games are always amazing.

  4. Excellent game with the most creative ideas! I have purchased it at the first time you release it.

    One little question, could we have a Zen mode that each weapon fully upgraded from the beginning? So that we could test the strength of the deck in the later part of game.

    The score from Zen mode could not be recorded in the ladder.