Tuesday 10 January 2012

New Year cleansing

It's now 2012.
Here are some smaller games I made in 2010. Some of them are from an album concept I was working on, but at this point I think it's better just to release them and make something new than to try to complete the album.

download link: IDIOLECT (dropbox) (windows only)

* Fire Up The Lemma Engines
* You And Your Motion
* Cubic Computing Carcass (doesn't have an end-state)
* The Bristling Beard of Science (puzzle game, doesn't really fit with the rest here)

I've included an exe (Idiolect) with some of the other album tracks which are fragmentary and very unfinished but that you might like to look at anyway:
* Black Pyramid Script
* This Is The Dystopian Future
* Cryptoforest
* A Simple Instruction (no interaction in this one, but mesmerising)

I've also bundled in a few of my other games from the same period that are already released, that fit with these stylistically and round it out to a nice collection:
* Knot-Pharmacard Subcondition J
* the sense of connectedness
* Babeltron 2010
* Hyperabuse Monolith


  1. Archive is corrupted, Avast also gives a virus warning. Possible to get a re-upload?

    1. mm, I've zipped it and uploaded it again, hope that fixes it?